Running a different Linux at home now

For years I’ve been using Ubuntu at home, but I finally decided to switch to something else.

It wasn’t one thing in particular that did it, more a collection of things. Ever since I had upgraded to the 13.04 version I had a problem with the system at boot up throwing an error. After some searching I found this was a common issue and had to do with, IIRC, the Gnome components versus some other things. I’d fix it, and then either the next version or some update would come along and re-introduce the problem. I also got tired of opening the software center and getting ads for programs when all I wanted to do was add something like gimp. Even the system updates was buggy, sometimes having to be manually started in order to get updates.

After doing a little research I decide to go with Linux Mint. So far I’ve been impressed. The install was smooth and the end result has been like a breath of fresh air. I haven’t re-installed everything yet but what I have installed has not balked or errored out.

The only thing I found frustrating, as I did with Ubuntu, was getting printers installed. I don’t blame either distro for that. Instead it is the fault of the printer manufacturers who want to hide how their things work. On that I really do wish the printer makers (I’m looking at you Epson, HP, and Brother) would get their act together and start publishing either drivers for Linux that are easy to install or the APIs so that the community could do it.