GET-ACL and “ReadandExecute” versus List

I find it a lot easier to do virtually all of my work via the keyboard.  Using PS ISE I can essentially make a log of everything I work on during the day. There are a few things where I have to resort to using a GUI but I’m learning how to get around more and more of those.

One of the areas I learned a while back was using GET-ACL in order to find the NTFS security on a shared folder in order to be able to see what AD group a person would need to be in for access. In case you haven’t used that it’s essentially something like this

get-acl $fldrpath | fl AccessToString

It works great – until you hit a situation where the real permission is List. Then it’s confusing:

Everyone Allow ReadAndExecute, Synchronize

Looks just like Read-only access.

After a little searching around I was able to find that there is a way with PowerShell to get the correct List entry – the inheritanceflags on List and Read-Only differ. List has only the inheritance flag “ContainerInherit” while Read has “ContainerInherit,ObjectInherit”. Once I updated my quicky script to include some extra logic to check for that and presto

Everyone ----------------------------------------> Allow -----> ListDirectory

Much better 🙂

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