Okay – just ran across something VERY annoying with Win10

I could not get into my laptop’s BIOS or boot menu.

Not even from a power off.

Thanks Microsoft. Yes, they did it. And here’s how to undo it.

1] On the Start Menu go to Settings.
2] Go to System
3] Go to Power & sleep
4] On the right side, at the bottom, click Additional Power Settings.
5] Click Choose what the power buttons do on the left pane
6] Click Change settings that are currently unavailable, then scroll to the bottom and UNCHECK Turn on fast startup

Save your changes and you’ll be able to get to your BIOS and boot menu a=on the next reboot.

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Just upgraded to Windows 10 on my personal laptop.

I was sort of leery of doing this given the media reports of the multiple locations where Microsoft decided to be helpful with people’s data, notably the telemetry that sends portions of file contents back to Microsoft.

That said, I decided to go ahead and bite the bullet and upgrade.

First thing I did though was blast my personal Lenovo G570 back to the factory image. I figured that would be the safest bet given I had installed and removed some software I wanted the cleanest image possible. After downloading a mere 3 GIG of patches to Windows 7 I was finally at a fully patched level. At this point I took the plunge.

So far it has been a fairly pleasant experience. I am already at this point looking at Windows 8/8.1 as more akin to Windows 95 with the fixed and polished Windows 10 being like Win98.

Indeed, the only thing I have run into hat was a problem was my sound disappeared, even with the drive and hardware saying everything was cool. I wound up having to Google the answer, which was on an MS forum. Short answer to the problem : Right click the speaker in the tray->Playback devices->Click your speaker->Click Properties->Click Enhancements tab->Tick ‘Disable all enhancements’