Just had something weird happen – and the fix wasn’t obvious

This morning when Outlook 2013 loaded on my work PC the Outlook Social Connector got disabled because it was taking too long to load.

So I did the normal routine – Go to the FILE tab, then Options, then to Add-ins in the Options window, selecting Disabled Items from the Manage list at the bottom of the window and clicking Go. I then selected the Social Connector addin and clicked the enable button. After a restart of Outlook the Social Connector was still disabled.

The solution was to go into the registry. The path in question (for 32-bit Office on 64 bit Windows) is


The LoadBehavior REG_DWORD was still at value 2. Using the value listing from this page I closed Outlook again and updated LoadBehavior to 3. Restarting Outlook I now have my Social Connector and People Pane back.