Unable to rename a Public Folder? This could help.

Ran into an interesting situation a couple of weeks ago at work.

A Public Folder on our Exchange system, which had been created when it was on an Exchange 2003 server, had an extra space at the end of the name. Thinking this would be an easy issue to fix I right-clicked on the PF and chose ‘Rename folder’ from the context menu Outlook 2010 provided me. I then removed the space at the end and hit Enter.

Instead of going back to Outlook I was given an error message. Thinking this may have been something just odd with my Outlook. I tried several times to make sure that I was removing all of the places the white space at the end might have been, including changing it in the properties sheet for the folder and making sure that that the alias didn’t have a trailing space either. Every single time I was told the name was invalid as it couldn’t contain a leading or trailing white space.

I even tried using the EMS – “The property value is invalid. The value can’t contain leading or trailing whitespace.”

I was finally able to resolve the issue but I had to use ADSIEdit in order to manually edit all of the properties for the public folder object. I’m still not sure what the original cause was. I think it may have been a result of the space being there on the Exchange 2003 system when it was rehomed to 2010.

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