The first of two interesting problems….

Recently I had a service call from a user who was having a not so abnormal problem – messages that should have wound up in the Inbox of Outlook were instead winding up in the Junk E-mail folder.

Thinking this will be a simple matter I went over and added the from address to the Safe Senders list and tested. And had my test go into Junk E-mail.

Weird – “maybe there’s a blocking entry or a rule┬áinterfering” I thought. No and no.

I started digging and Googling at this point. Finally I found a possibility. I logged into the Outlook web interface and went to Options|See all options. I then went to the Manage myself drop-down and chose Another user, selecting the user with the issue.

Going down to the Block or Allow link on that user’s options I found the junk email filtering was turned on and where the “junk” sender was listed in the block list. Simply turning off the Outlook web junk email filter fixed the problem, but to make sure it didn’t come back I removed the “junk” sender from the Outlook web block senders list too.


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