Having to move to a new laptop for work

And it is a real pain.

But at the same time I’m enjoying it because I can actually slim down the amount of crap I have installed.

I’m moving to a Lenovo W520 as this is the standard model for people in my position. My older laptop was a Dell E6410.

There are several things I like about the new laptop. The screen is brighter than the Dell and is quite a bit crisper. The keyboard is a little larger than what I’m used to with the Dell as well. It even has a key I have sorely missed on the Dell – the context menu key. It also runs cooler than the Dell.

That said, there are things I’m not liking. The touch pad is absolute rubbish, with the scroll functionality of it being tricky at best and a complete fail at worst, sometimes not even engaging the way it should. The pointer stick is a pain – it actually sticks up a little above the surrounding keys so it is entirely too easy to bump. I not only turned off the pointer stick, I removed the eraser so I wouldn’t keep dragging my fingers across it. The unit comes with a lot of Lenovo software installed to help you out. Unfortunately, it’s too helpful. I don’t want a special tray icon for my battery – give me the standard one. It gets really confusing when the Windows one says there’s 2 and half hours remaining and the Lenovo says there’s 1 hour 57.

All that I can deal with – Every laptop has pluses and minuses. Like I said – the Dell ran hot and it lacked the context menu key.But the one HUGE complaint I have is the power brick. It is literally a brick – it’s as big and heavy as the standard red brick used to build homes. I’m amazed at this as it is akin to stepping back to the mid 90’s. It leaves me wondering exactly what is so special that requires the AC brick to be so big and heavy. Maybe I’ll find out one day…


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