An interesting thing happened while moving mailboxes…

I had to move a few mailboxes today from our old Microsoft Exchange 2003 server to our new 2010 server. When I went to refresh the view in the Move Request section of the navigation pane I got an error

Couldn’t load the request. Not enough information was provided to read the orphaned request message. It was running the command ‘Get-MoveRequestStatistics -Identity ‘DOMAINNAME/OU/Username.

This error threw me for a few seconds. Having noted that sometimes a move request initiated by another admin wouldn’t show up in my console I decided to check out the EMS. I ran the get-moverequest cmdlet and it didn’t list the username the error did.

This left me confused for a a little while. I started checking a couple of things for other issues I’ve seen, including going into ADSIEdit and checking the HomeMTA and HomeMDB values. While in there I noticed something funny about the username that threw the error : unlike another user on the same datastore this user had a non-null value for msExchMailboxMoveStatus. I changed that to <not set> as it was on my working user, and after a few minutes the error went away.

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